• Fortitude Lodge #47 F&AM 200th Anniversary

How to join

Joining the Masons

A Mason will not be ask you to become a member, we wait for the man to ask for a petition.  Hence one of our sayings you will see Ask1 2 Be1

Here are some requirements that must be met before joining a Masonic Lodge.

A Mason must be a man, of legal age, and sound mind.

A Mason must believe in God or a Supreme Being.

If these requirements are met the man wishing to become a Mason must seek out his local Masonic Lodge and request to join.
Masonry does not ask men to join, it wants its members to be serious about their commitments and exercise their free-will in deciding to join the Masons.

Upon making this request, the prospective member will be asked to formally petition the Lodge affirming his qualifications for membership.

If you are interested in becoming a Mason please join us for dinner prior to our meeting and we will discuss the specifics with you and give you the required petition.

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  • Fortitude Lodge #47 F&AM 200th Anniversary