• Fortitude Lodge #47 F&AM 200th Anniversary

History of the Building

A group of Masons from Fortitude Lodge held the first meeting on August 31, 1910 to organize and incorporate with the power to issue shares for the purpose of building the Masonic Temple Company, The total amount of each share being limited to $5000.00.  The corporation was to exist for 50 years.  Soon after starting the building they found that the $5000.00 would not finish the project and voted to increase the amounts to $6000.00 limited of indebtedness.

In 1911 the group formed the Masonic Temple Company and sold subscriptions and issued Certification bearing interest and built the Temple with the understanding that Fortitude Lodge would rent it.  The building is the only building in LaGrange, and probably in Oldham County built with fire proof or resistant walls, the basement walls are twenty-four inches thick, the first floor sixteen inches and the second floor twelve inches with eight inches out the roof.  After moving into the building the Lodge started buying the certificates whenever they came up for sale and finally owned all outstanding shares and was deeded the property on February 8, 1930.

Last meeting of the Co-operation was held on April 10, 1919.  The following solution was adapted:

Whereas Fortitude Lodge #47 F & A.M. at LaGrange now owns the entire share outstanding of the building company, and whereas the building company having completed what they started out to do, the building company does here and now convey to Fortitude Lodge the deed to the property in it’s entirety to have and to hold at its will.  The task being finished the Masonic Temple Building Company voted to terminate the corporation and go out of existence

The Carpet:
Under the leadership of Harvey Banister, a few brothers canvassed the membership for free will offerings and with help from the Eastern Star , the carpet was installed free of cost to the Lodge

The Air Conditioner:
In 1973 the lodge was thinking of air-conditioning the building, but the money was not there.  With about $1500.00 in the treasury we thought of going to the bank and borrowing what we needed when someone said why borrow the money, when several members suggested that they would let the lodge have $100.00 interest free and the members would supply the labor.  In no time at all fifteen members came forward with $100.00.  Brother john E. Yochum let the Lodge have the equipment at his cost.  Brothers Davis Morgan and Harry Brown gave us the electrical supplies for rewiring and the members under the leadership of Brother Yochum did the work.  The Lodge redeemed all the notes but six and those brothers let the Lodge credit them with paid up dues.  So on December 31, 1979 the lodge had a completely air-conditioned building.


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  • Fortitude Lodge #47 F&AM 200th Anniversary