• Fortitude Lodge #47 F&AM 200th Anniversary

Letter from Lucien V. Rule

Dear Brother Button,

Replying to your letter of March 17, 1923 with reference to a town in Jefferson County by the name of Transylvania, in which the Fortitude Lodge charter was granted in 1818.  I will say that you have brought to light a very valuable and important fact of Masonic History.  If you look at the files of the Oldham Era for March 31, 1922, you will find the story and the location of this lost town, which was rediscovered and told after one hundred years.  This town was the original name of Harrods Creek itself and causes us to think that Harrods Creek Lodge and Fortitude Lodge had a common parentage.  In the Oldham Era of May 1922 and chapter 24 of My Oldham County History, you will find another reference to this lost town of Transylvania.  It was once rival to Louisville but only now survives as the name of a beautiful woodland farm adjoining Harrods Creek Lodge.

Brother Rule

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  • Fortitude Lodge #47 F&AM 200th Anniversary